Looking for a signature touch to your event?

Canadian Grub prides itself on perfect platters of canapes served hot or cold to suit any event.

From gluten free, raw, vegan, vegetarian or no limits we can provide a large assortment of taste filled bites to your home or a group of 300 plus!

Canapes range from $10/guest for groups of 50 or more.

Please contact the restaurant for further details.


from Canapes to late night grub, we offer you a perfect day of dining

Looking for a memorable meal for a memorable day?  We are proud to boast that we offer you all you need through beautifully designed nourishing plates for all involved in your wedding.

A full array of Canapes can greet your guests during a cocktail hour.  These items can be placed on tables using large platters or served by our professional staff.  These items will be picked during a 2nd tasting at the restaurant.

The meal

You can decide from a buffet style, family style platters or plated meal from 2-5 courses to a maximum of 200 guests.

Late night- From pulled pork sliders to a nacho bar to fish & chips we can provide your late night guests with a final meal to end off the evening just right.

All plate & silverware can be provided.

Please contact the restaurant if you'd like to proceed with a tasting.  Prices begin at $50/guest

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If your group is working into the evening let us fill you up with good grub!  We can deliver a meal prepared in the restaurant and set it up hot/cold for your groups enjoyment.

We can offer our same lunch options or a full sale meal

Buffet meal*:  Roasted chicken, jus, potatoes, roasted vegetables, assorted salads, mini tarts & brownies all for under $25!

Need to be more formal with family style?

Family Style Meal*: Pork Loin, mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables, assorted salads & individual pies for dessert for less than $35

Plated meal**: Soup, Roast Beef, sweet potatoes, grilled vegetables, blueberry gastrique & guest chosen dessert for less than $50

*groups under 50

**groups under 30



Office meeting or moving party?

We can cater to all!  Choose from Sandwich platters, salads, quiche & desserts to ensure a full group!

Typical selections:

Sandwich platter, Salad platter & assorted dessert tray (all made by us) will feed 8-10 for lunch for under $100!